A Hard Rain

We are driven for change,
not chauffeured by indoctrination;
join frak\ture and do more
than find what wine pairs well
with the end of the world.
Help dismantle our future
like the bomb it has become.

To make a difference while inspiring others, write a poem about your biggest concern for the future and send it to a government representative in your home state or country; then, send frak\ture the poem via slushpuppy [at] frakturejournal.org with:

  • the name and state (or province) of the official that received your letter,
  • the date the poem was sent, and
  • the title you’d like for the poem’s name.

Letters are posted to frak\ture’s website shortly after receipt and review. We accept works written to governments outside the United States.

frak\ture does not consider letters that harass or incite violence.