frak\ture is both a biannual poetry lit mag and a mag of lit poetry.

frak\ture believes words are sustenance. We believe that there is a community of readers who daily live and breathe society’s front lines and need rations.  The trampled have hoarse voices. We want to parachute in with a megaphone as well as heal spiritual famine. We’ve got your back.

frak\ture posts poetry with a social bent. We look for works that highlight cracks in society’s masonry, the glitch in the Matrix, the secret plans for the Death Star, etc.

frak\ture symbolizes breakthroughs and, as such, incubates new writers (they have to hatch and start clucking somewhere).  We are dedicated to bringing brave, defiant, thriving, fresh voices to the podium. Old timers are welcome too of course!

Lastly, frak\ture believes that art for art’s sake is masturbation.  If there’s a poem fapping beneath the sheet, we don’t want to see it.  We’re not here to merely admire your technique. We want pieces that inspire us to perspire, to make positive change in ourselves and the world.

So why wait? The world is listening. Join us on our journey.  Clear your throat and tap the mic.

frak\ture journal
Poetry Editor:
Crystal Anderson

Editor: J. L. Pugh

Room 410
111 Townsend St,
San Francisco, CA 94107